Nothing But Love And Support From Your Spirit Team

Love and support from Your Spirit Team.

A few recurring words and phrases come to mind when I think of the readings that I give and people receive.

One of these words is Love, followed by Joy, and finally Support. Every reading I have ever done so far has featured these three elements in some way, regardless of the tone of the message.

Your Spirit Team wants you to know they are here with you always, even if you’re not aware or perhaps not always aware. It doesn’t matter if the tone is lighter or more serious: at some point, Love comes up. So does Joy. In short, their never ending Support.

So, even if love and support are so central, so is Joy. I can feel it physically and it lights me up every single time!


Love comes up as in, how loved each of us is by their Spirit Team.

As well as a connection to divine Love within, which is timeless. Consider it a link to all that is which, in turn, proves that you are an extension of that Love, too.

“You are loved. We invite you to look within and see if you can connect again to that stream of divine, collective Love that you are a part of. “

It is so powerful to witness just how much Love there is for every single one of us.

Strangely enough, this ‘simple’ message seems to be the most surprising one when people listen to the recording of a reading. Such presence of pure, unconditional Love is there just for every single one of us. It is so potent, simple, and disinterested; yet such a concept feels difficult to grasp for us, humans (let alone Love and support!)


Joy often comes up when someone’s life is going well or when a specific aspect is positive and your Spirit Team just wants you to know. They want to let you know they are taking part in this movement of well being and positivity.

As an expression of how your Spirit Team ‘sees’ your current life, I usually perceive it as an uplifting, full-of-life wave that literally moves up from a card (usually while pictures are still facing down). It is contagious, let me tell you!

Oftentimes, joy will take on an attribute of the person who asked for the reading. I will get either a mental picture of them (if I know the person) that reflects their joy, light, radiance. Or, if I have never met the person, it will come through as a beautiful vibration of a warm smile, bright eyes perhaps, or the energy emitted into the world.

Now that I reflect upon it, our bodies play such a vital role! It is through the body that I am able to sense, connect, and relay.

I may even feel some physical states in my body, specifically states that perhaps a client is feeling (with regard to the message coming through) or that symbolizes the message itself. Either way, I embody them. Such perfect, powerful vessels.

Living with a highly sensitive person

Love + Joy= Support

Love and support and joy, what a soothing trio! Like I said before, your Spirit Team wants you to know they are here with you always, even if you’re not aware or perhaps not always aware. It doesn’t matter if the tone is lighter or more serious: at some point, Love comes up.

So does Joy, in a form or another. This is support, to me: in either type of reading, your guides will make you (+ choices, doubts, fears, life experiences) feel supported & seen. Never judged.

It’s gentle guidance.

I have found that Updates from Spirit lend themselves well to updates that turn out to be filled with Love, positivity and constructive advice. Whereas, Conversations With Spirit build on that: they include the former while diving deep into the questions that are asked. So much so that they do resemble a therapy session: they go deep! Motivated and fueled exclusively by Love, you receive messages around specific questions.

Supporting And Guiding, Not Predicting.

Nevertheless, you may also receive words that seem apparently unrelated. Well, in that case, you are learning something just as useful and vital to address your original issue properly, from an even better angle.

This is another reason why I work with open questions and encourage keeping an open mind.

We are not in it for predictions or quick fixes.

We gift ourselves a reading that will hopefully offer a broader perspective and valuable inputs which will guide us closer to the (authentic) heart of the matter. Along with them, a reminder of Love, an invitation to Joy, and a type of support we may not have felt in our entire lives.

Reach Self-Acceptance + Quiet Empowerment Faster.

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