The Answer You Need, Not Just The One You Want.

You receive the answer you need, not just the ones you expect. This is a consistent, common theme in the readings I’ve done so far. It is so important for me to dedicate a few words to this topic because I believe that in the least expected messages usually lies a potential for deep introspection, change, and revelation.

The Answer You Need Through Love & Support.

In Nothing But Love And Support from Your Spirit Team I highlighted three elements that – almost always – come up together, in a reading. Love, Joy, Support: you can receive all three or a combination of the first and the last.

Your Spirit Team and Guides just love to let you know how supported you are. That support shows as Love from them to you as well as a reminder from them that you are Love in the first place. Always were, always will be.

When you have a whole squad by your side reminding that you are Love (just like them, although as a human being you may not be too familiar with the concept!) and they are – lovingly – always there for you… Well, if this isn’t Support, then I don’t what is.

Strangely enough, this ‘simple’ message seems to be the most surprising one when people listen to the recording of a reading. Such presence of pure, unconditional Love is there just for every single one of us. It is so potent, simple, and disinterested; yet such a concept feels difficult to grasp for us, humans (let alone Love and support!)

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The Answer You Need From the Oracle

Support as a manifestation of Love.

You can feel your Spirit Team’s support quite practically. Whenever I deliver a message, I am guided to choose my words accurately. The same goes for concepts and messages in themselves since the goal of a reading is to help by speaking with kindness, offering gentle clarity, and making a ‘client’ feel accepted.

Another goal is to favor guidance over predictions (or more appealing outcomes). This is when the answer you need comes in.

By the way, when I opened this article contrasting ‘the answer you need‘ to ‘those you expect‘ I didn’t mean to judge anyone’s expectations.

In fact, I think it is 100% normal to lean into a power outside of us for some tough love, clear cut strategies, and plain predictions. Sometimes we’re just so exhausted, confused, and out of alignment that we would love to be ‘saved’.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I am not a psychic (which means I wouldn’t be able to pick up on information regarding possible, future outcomes), I don’t feel too comfortable with this possibility. I would personally have to trust my reader 1000% in order to allow myself to hear bits of ‘future me’.

The focus is on acceptance and gentle guidance.

Most of the time, an important part of the guidance involves receiving a message you didn’t expect. That is, the answer you need the most.


For me, as a reader, it means lingering on one card or a message longer than I would expect before I’m able to move on to the other cards and/or questions. That initial combination of card + message bears the bulk of what a person needs to know even if it seems related to only one out of 2 or 3 questions. Or even if it takes time away from them.

I try not to push it: I follow my instincts and the cards’ guidance in order to move on to another topic and pick other cards. However, if I feel that the energy is neutral or it points back to the preceding message, then I will let the client know very clearly during a reading.

I cannot force an interpretation by making up information. Therefore, I will let the cards and a client’s Spirit Team guide us to what must come through, that is the answer you need to hear above all.

The answer you need= the question you care for the most.

Sometimes people ask 3 questions, sometimes only 1 question that includes more minor topics. Regardless of the number, I find that it’s usually just one question that leads the whole show.

It is the one whose answer will provide clarity on all other fronts as well or the only one that needs focusing on at that given time.

The answer you need, exactly. Which brings me, the reader, to deliver a message that will not be logically adherent to the sequence of inquiries I am e-mailed. However, it is only for your – client’s – good. Logic has very little to do with it, so does linear thinking, cause and effect.

the answer you need
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I believe that an open mind is essential when approaching matters of the Spirit (something I have stood by for ever). In fact, my clients often hear me pause for a second, then inform them: “The energy is neutral here” or “It looks like your first issue needs more attention than the others. You’ll probably gain clarity [or a completely new perspective!] once you elaborate these first messages from your Spirit Team”.

Not surprisingly, they agree, especially a few weeks after the reading.

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