Updates From Spirit

This Oracle card reading is ideal to either receive general + meaningful updates from your Spirit Team or ask 1 question.
Example of general question: “What messages and guidance does my Spirit Team have for me right now?
Example of specific question: “What messages and guidance does my Spirit Team have on my relationship / decision to change jobs / health, etc…?”
Length: 15-20 minutes

Book through the link below. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail to the same address used for your payment. I send these emails manually so please consider time zones if you are purchasing from a different area than mine (that is Rome, Italy).

Reply to that confirmation e-mail to let me know if you want to receive a general updates or to write your specific question.

Within two weeks, you will get an e-mail containing audio file(s) of the reading and a picture of the cards I pull.

Book Your Reading
This is the perfect Oracle card reading to ask your Spirit Team:
– 1 specific question
Ex: What advice or guidance does my Spirit Team have regarding my relationship / work / health?
– to deliver any messages and guidance they may have for you right now. This is ideal to receive frequent updates, for instance once a month or every two months, and let them talk to you freely.
Ex: What advice or message does my Spirit Team have for me right now?


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