Life has always been full of questioning, adapting, and wanting to connect deeply.

I was about 7 when I was uprooted from Sicily to Tuscany due to job-related reasons, but even before this big move I struggled with belonging. I changed elementary schools (way too) frequently, resulting in a constant quest for a place where I truly fit in.

Like hundreds or thousands of people, I grew up in a family where lots of emotional healing had still to be done – like, a lot. So my early years and adolescence were marred by a history of issues – both emotional and more practical – that honestly made my life at home feel like a constant struggle. 

While I came across as shy, even cold and detached at times, the truth is I leaned on my own internal system of self protection and shielding. In a way, I didn’t fit the mold of the typical child, and that became increasingly apparent as I grew older. 

Speaking of not fitting in, quite early in life I developed a fascination for two pillars in my existence.

One was for foreign languages and cultures, the other for spirituality and self-growth (ironically, I was more captivated by the world beyond my own culture than by the one I was born into.)

As a young teenager, my interest in spirituality, self-growth, and personal development started to take shape. It began with exploring past lives, a search for answers and healing from the emotional issues that marked my upbringing. Over time, my spiritual journey expanded to encompass holistic practices and various spiritual avenues.

Honestly, it took me a while to acknowledge the extent of my emotional issues, but with the help of a fantastic mental coach, I started to unravel and confront the scars of my past. It was during this time that I discovered my identity as a highly sensitive, introverted empath with a strong intuition.

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As the years went by, my passion for spirituality and personal development continued to deepen.

Fast forward to the present day, I have found myself reading Oracle cards and immersing myself in the world of Human Design. 

These tools became a means to provide intuitive guidance and, above all, helping others tap into their true potential.

In fact, I don’t consider myself a coach. I actually cringe whenever I recall telling people that I wanted to become a life coach. Ouch. Instead, I like to think of myself as an “empowerer,” someone who assists others on their journeys to self-discovery and growth.

My mission is to connect with individuals who share a passion for spirituality + personal growth and guide them through life’s twists and turns through my strong intuition, Human Design, Oracle cards.

One last thing to know about me: I have taken quite a few ‘business’ courses over the years. While I’m an experimenter (as a 3/5 in Human Design, you may know what I mean…), I know I’m just not cut out for phony marketing tactics. Or simply following a recipe down to a T.

Just like with anything else, I have learned to rely heavily on my intuition. I let it guide my path.