Oracle Reading For Scorpio Season and November.

The first card for Scorpio Season and November is Communicating Freely.

I communicate from the depth of my being. 

What comes through for November and Scorpio season is an invitation to connect with your core, your essence. And at least making an effort to communicate freely, express who you really are. 

It’s not as simple as it seems or as it sounds, but it is well worth the effort. Because the moment you speak freely, this wave of words, truth, of essence, shines brighter than that darker sky in the background. 

It’s not to say that it will be easy, ‘successful’. Nor will it be a walk in the park. (Well, why not?!)

Anyway, the moment you speak from the depths of your being, green branches reach out into the world, toward the other person. They are green branches of healing, which takes places magically the moment you stop holding it all in.

These branches also relate to gaining freedom, respect for the other person. And, above all, profound personal healing.

I cannot think of a better time than Scorpio season to go within and retrieve your truth; put it out there into the universe in the form of communication. 

It doesn’t have to be necessarily spoken communication. It can be written, but the card seems to suggest quite strongly that it’s oral. It’s the act of using your throat to voice what you have within perhaps what you have been holding inside for too long. 

At the end of the day, there is a lot of beauty in the colors of this card. It’s a simple act that will make you feel better. 

All musings aside, I would love for you to focus on the imagery, which suggests: serenity is created upon speaking one’s truth like a birdsong, an act of creation, liberation, and strengthening. 

Cards pulled for Scorpio season.

The second card for the month of November / Scorpio season is Planting Seeds. 

Seeds of Grace are being planted in the fertile, soil of my soul. 

Wow, what’s more timely than planting seeds in November as winter approaches? Seeds of forgiveness for Scorpio Season?

It’s quite literal and figurative all at the same time. This is the time to go plant seeds of any kind. Do you want to plant seeds of huge change? Do you want to plant seeds of new habits? Small habits, consistent new habits. Are you going to plant seeds of healing? Of forgiveness? Compassion?

Are you going to plant any actual seeds in your garden?

It’s time to stay in a safe place knowing that it’s okay to revert to a quieter period. This tree provides shelter and allows us to watch seasons change. Luckily, the bird on the fence is still a reason to feel alive, find evidence of life and meaning, in this new season of your life and year.

There’s lots of green in this picture. It could be the green of your healing. So November and Scorpio season can be a beautiful opportunity to release through communication and planting new seeds.

I’m not an astrologer, but Scorpio is considered a sign of death and rebirth.

Therefore, I love the game between the liberation following ‘communicating freely’ and the quieter tones of the second card. Which invites us to take a step back, look at the landscape, watch change and prepare accordingly. 

This second card is, like I said, full of life. We can see movement, colors: mainly green and brown, which connects us to Mother Earth.

In Mother Earth we find our roots. Through her, we connect back to cycles to change and becoming. We realize life moves on and it should be honored in spite of / because of her mutability.

Just like Mother Earth, we could try and honor our life here by embracing change. To go within and see if we can celebrate change. Changing ideas, phases, taste, habits, needs, passions, relationships.

We take a step back and contemplate these thoughts without much doing. Nonetheless, they are still thoughts of life and aliveness, only birthed at a slower pace.

Food for Thought for Scorpio Season and November.

What do I need to express verbally? Can I try and do it to myself first, to other people next?
Where do I need to give myself grace?
How can I surrender to change?
Which positive aspects can I find in changes occurring in my life, in seasons?
Which new plants would I like to plant for the months ahead?

I don’t need to do. It’s OKAY to simply reflect. It’s OKAY to give myself grace, one small word of appreciation at a time (for how far I’ve come).

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