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Ideal to ask your Spirit Team what messages and updates they have for you right now.
Receive only what you need right now, and only in a supportive + loving way.
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Ideal to ask your Spirit Team what messages they have on 1 – 3 areas of life.
Consider it a therapy session fueled exclusively by Love.
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A few words on my Oracle card readings…


“Mary’s reading was so profound and connected with me on a soul level. The reading truly resonated with me and everything Mary said was correct and intune with what I was feeling surrounding the question I asked in the reading. Mary is a very talented reader and you will be extremely impressed when you receive these beautiful readings. I highly recommend having a reading with her. Mary put so much time and effort in and spoke with such elegance and enthusiasm that I could truly sense the passion and happiness she gets from doing these readings”.  
Sophie From Past Lives And Planets

Oracle card readings - testimonial

“I had a reading with Mary: it went deep and resonated with everything I was going through.
The tips and prompts she offered were highly appreciated.
Very talented and professional, extraordinarily sensitive, and with a super sweet way of speaking.
I thank her so much and would definitely recommend her services to anyone going through a tough time or simply needing just a little guidance.
Have a beautiful day!”
M. Rita, from Switzerland.
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