Walking The Talk – Grateful For Spiritual Practice And Human Design

Hello, sensitive Souls!

Emma and Me At Our Favorite Spot in Nature šŸ’š

While the pun is not intended šŸ‘£ here I am, sitting with my Princy, Emma the black Lab, at one of my favorite spots.

Well, one of mine, hers, and my boyfriend’s favorite places. In fact, as soon as the unforgiving heat wave let up a bit, I felt it was safe enough for my pregnant self to go on a little adventure with my dog.
I haven’t been very active online lately. And it is only because I have focused my attention on wherever my pregnancy has led me.
Particularly, by listening to my body’s cues, I have found out I’m being more of Me. More of who I came here to be.

I’m living and breathing spirituality along with the Human Design experiment.

Which is translating into:
-more surrendering;
-letting in from a place of honoring the act of receivership;
-letting people + things out gently as I realize I only kept or encouraged them out of conditioning and old wounds.

quietly empowered introvert

A spiritual existence is possible when you’re being of service to your Self, the one you came here to be. Which will – paradoxically? – make it easier to treat the other person with more authenticity and respect.
ā€‹Living my Human Design means having the courage to see where I can counteract the conditioning of a lifetime, committing to tiny, daily acts that write a different, more coherent story. It is no coincidence that Human Design is considered a practical system: it regards the ability and freedom to make choices. Choices that liberate and empower you, all at the same time.
ā€‹By tapping into the wisdom of my spiritual journey + Human Design, I am discovering the pleasure of:

  • setting boundaries,
  • speaking my truth from a place of love and calm,
  • honoring my preferences,
  • loving myself a bit more + better,
  • showing up with more compassion and empathy.

I chose the spiritual path of life a long time ago, barely a teenager. Now I have chosen Human Design as well.

You can choose whichever path allows you to shine your inner light brighter…

Living with a highly sensitive person

knowing it takes time, patience, commitment. Knowing that you will love yourself more, create clearer lines that mustn’t be crossed. Your standards will change. When this happens, whatever you decide to keep inside your energy field you will treat with more authenticity, compassion, and loving care.ā€‹
Now, as soon as I started treading our favorite paths, I told the little baby in my tummy that I hoped I’d be able to bring it there often. And soak up the magic of nature, all together: me, dad, and older furry sister.
With Love,

Reach Self-Acceptance + Quiet Empowerment Faster.

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