The Freedom Of Surrendering To Divine Timing. How To Practice With 3 Gentle, Spiritual Steps.

If the concept of divine timing is difficult to live by in life, because we like to be in control of everything, surrendering to divine timing feels even harder. It requires a certain level of patience, lack of attachment, and commitment towards learning where / why we are.

Surrendering to divine timing…

Aka: giving a little less f***s about the outcome – even if you care so deeply about it!

I shared a post on my Instagram account about divine timing: a realization that popped in and out so quickly but left a feeling of bliss and enlightenment.

Then, later, I had multiple examples of how divine timing can work in your favor once – and only once – you relinquish control. In other words, when you surrender. I was worried, trying to control when or how certain doctor’s appointments for my pregnancy could take place. Until I gave up and I simply said to myself: I’ll let it be, do whatever I have to do (that is, call a certain doctor, give up if the local clinic hadn’t picked up the phone when I needed to talk to them, etc…) and we’ll see.

That unconscious decision of surrendering to divine timing started to generate unexpected results: appointments being made in just two minutes at way more convenient conditions than I could imagine. This happened at least twice.

Believing in and surrendering to divine timing allow us to feel free, less anxious, and less stressed. We ‘just’ need to be able to surrender our fears to the Universe a little bit. Just enough to start detaching.

It’s hard and it can be super frustrating to hear: “Just surrender to the present” if you’re going through a rough time (or a period that requires you to make one uncomfortable decision after the other.) I know, I’ve been there. 2022 challenged me with a series of events that put me to the test. So the only choice I had was to surrender to the moment I was in in order to find solace and move beyond it.

Regardless of all the healing work I had already done and was willing to keep doing, here’s what I realized. I had to become comfortable with:
– not knowing when
– not knowing why
– not being able to dig deeper
– not having all the answers
– not finding a conclusive answer.

All the while I knew I had to get comfortable with the discomfort of lacking control and stability. I knew I had to face and heal fear, shame and any other byproducts of those two to find peace. That is, heal my subconscious wounds and beliefs.

How you treat the now, is how the future will treat you.

Phil Good – Instagram

A spiritual strategy for surrendering to divine timing

When will I know my baby is all right? When will my partner and I find our perfect house to buy? Or when will I it all click and work out? Just ‘When?!’

According to Backpackverse: Divine timing is the belief that everything that happens in your life occurs at precisely the right moment. The universe is here to take care of you and will never put you in a place that you can’t handle. You can also look at divine timing as the way the universe manifests your dreams and goals in its own way. It might not always look the way you pictured, and it might not always be what you imagined, but it has happened just as it should.

The plausible desire to control our manifestations makes it hard not to get hung up on when it will happen: we control our timelines as if we had this power! On the contrary, the ‘key’ lies in being able to relinquish control. By surrendering to divine timing, not only do we have a better chance of reaping the benefits of our patient waiting, we also become more peaceful (vs anxious, frustrated, obsessed and attached…)

Every opportunity or decision we face enters our life at a precise moment in our timeline to have a domino effect. And by being open to divine timing, you surrender control and open yourself to even greater possibilities.

Lauren Larue

So, here are 3 gentle, spiritual actions (or perspectives) to get familiar with the concept of surrendering to divine timing.

3 steps

1 Practice patience.

The practice of surrender is one of turning over your need to control, turning over your obsessiveness, turning over your belief system that you have to make everything happen.

Gabby Bernstein

In a world that revolves around getting stuff done fast, meeting deadlines, setting goals… It’s not wonder that embracing patience is the hardest thing to practice when trying to surrender to divine timing.

We have zero control over how and when the Universe delivers our manifestations, no matter how committed we are to an action plan. This external factor exposes our vulnerability as human beings, hence the difficulty being patient. If you are someone who likes to plan every moment of your life, it is probably going to be even harder.

5 ways to practice patience while getting familiar with surrendering to divine timing

  • prayer
  • affirmations you believe in
  • manifestation practices that bring you joy
  • doing anything literally that brings you joy
  • practicing gratitude

2 Breathe into the present moment.

Stop looking back or being anxious about the future. The present moment is where we start unlocking lessons, breakthroughs, and build a constructive attitude towards surrendering to diving timing.

Don’t cling to the past (how events unfolded), trying to predict how they should (or not) unfold now. If, on the other hand, you fantasize – or obsess! – about a specific outcome, then try not to attach yourself to that outcome so hard. You may be too focused on waiting instead of noticing that something even better is unfolding.

Surrendering to divine timing kind of looks like letting go of what once was as well as any control over future outcomes. That is: surrender to the idea of infinite possibilities and creative solutions.

See what happens when you actually let go — when you say, “It’s this or something better.” When you’re in a place of surrender, your energy relaxes and you make space for guidance.

Gabby Bernstein

3 ways to focus on the present moment while surrendering to divine timing

  • mindfulness practices
  • meditation
  • list all the good things you’re surrounded by, now

3 Sit with your discomfort. What is it telling you?

As highlighted above, our societies revolve around getting stuff done fast and meeting deadlines: embracing patience can be difficult — let alone surrendering to divine timing.

That’s usually when discomfort kicks in, in different forms. The advice here is to examine any uncomfortable emotions that may arise while ‘waiting for your manifestation’. And by ‘any’, I mean ‘something will come up 100%’.

Like I wrote above, last year I realized I had to ‘befriend’ the discomfort of lacking control and stability. In other words, face and heal my fear, shame, and pressure from outside factors. They all led to subconscious wounds and beliefs.

Surrendering to divine timing asks to slow down and understand why you are in such a hurry to have that dream manifested. We have to heal the fear, anger, and sadness. For example, if you do feel impatient, examine that emotion. Even that may hide something deeper worth looking into.

Once we start healing our inner world — which takes time, patience, and courage — our subconscious beliefs will begin to change as well. And the external world will start to reflect that new perspective.

3 ways to look into discomfort

  • identify and name your emotions without any shame
  • journal freely, pure stream of consciousness
  • ask yourself: ‘What new feeling would I like to feel instead of my old emotions?’
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

In Conclusion…

The concept of surrendering to divine timing often sounds abstract, therefore quite difficult to embody. However, by practising a certain level of patience, coming back to the present moment, and doing some fundamental inner work, it is not impossible.

What is even cooler? The moment you realize that you feel content even if you are not at your best but you consciously surrender your issues to a greater power (surrendering to divine timing, in other words!). Because you know everything will come to you when it’s meant to, for your highest good.

surrendering to divine-timing

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