How To Become Spiritually Aligned Through Silence And 4 More Suggestions.

Discovering how to become spiritually aligned means aligning some key elements of the human experience to your spiritual side. You’ll show up for life with more clarity, joy, and quiet confidence.

Table Of Contents
How to become spiritually aligned and what does it mean.
-The goal is not to learn how to become spiritually aligned and stay that way for ever.
5 suggestions for spiritual alignment.
-1 Above all, practise silence.
-2 Prayer
-3 Meditation
-4 Movement
-5 Honest Journalling
Final thoughts

How to become spiritually aligned and what does it mean.

The phrase, or the explanation below, may sound abstract or even detached from reality. Well, to be or become spiritually aligned is everything but:
-Mere detachment from the world.

Quite the opposite, really.

Spiritual alignment means that your body, mind, and emotions are coherent and, in turn, this lets you feel one with the energy of the Universe (or Spirit, or God).

Alignment is our natural state, and while we may find ourselves deviate from the path, we’re never too far to come back

Once you reach that state of spiritual alignment, you’ll be able to be in the here & now fully. So fully, actually, that you may even catch a glimpse of our universal union with all that is, and Love. The unconditional type of Love that unites us all. Union and Love.

By entering a state of spiritual alignment you get to be more present, your senses surprisingly sharper.

That’s because emotions, body, and mind are all in sync. From that first alignment you gain faster access to the distinct sensation of being supported by spirit. At peace.

It is a very interesting state to experience.

On the one hand, you are firmly rooted in the physical world; on the other, you experience it through the lens of compassion, appreciation, creativity, contentment, and freedom.

The goal is not to learn how to become spiritually aligned and stay that way for ever.

how to become spiritually aligned

Find me an average spiritual person who can!

Truth be told, the majority of us struggles to stay in that state. Therefore, the goal is, more realistically, to become, become again, become once more. Repeat.

How do we go about it?

Firstly, we seek practical modalities that facilitate spiritual alignment; secondly, we attempt to stay there as long as possible in order to saviour the experience, get a feel for it. Thirdly (once we’ve discovered the means to reach alignment and have got familiar with it), we will have gained enough ‘knowledge’ to reach that alignment again — over and over.

If it sounds like a weirdly streamlined process it’s because… It is! At least if put like that. Please consider it a weak attempt of mine to clarify what follows.

As with everything regarding being human, holistic healing, and the Soul, it’s quite difficult to expect things to stay the same.

You cannot expect to reach a goal/state and simply maintain it, considering that you have embarked on a journey of constant growth and evolution, including temporary setbacks, occasional re-evaluation.

Therefore, once you have learned how to become spiritually aligned, you will also have learned how good it feels. You will remember which specific habits and practices make it possible, thus allowing you to re-align more easily and quickly.

the magic of beginning your spiritual journey

5 suggestions for spiritual alignment.

The following elements can be woven together, applied simultaneously or singularly. The choice depends on what feels comfortable at a specific place and time of your life.

The absolute number one, though, is silence. Stillness. An ability to just be and listen without much doing, as you will be reading in the next paragraph. Everything else will follow or be a result of your ability to be quiet.

1 Silence
2 Prayer
3 Meditation
4 Movement
5 Honest Journalling

1 Above all, practise silence.

Nothing happens unless you become silent. Better still: ‘nothing’ cannot happen unless you become silent.

See for yourself how to become spiritually aligned in a pretty ‘natural’ way by turning to inner silence: slow down, do nothing that engages your senses or involves over thinking. Sit or lie, tune into the quiet recesses of your chest, head, whole body.

Slow down your breath, relax your facial muscles, perhaps close your eyes.

Body and mind are slowing down together, initiating the syncing process mentioned at the beginning of the article. Thanks to such an alignment in stillness, you can receive guidance, inspiration, creativity.

Anyway, it’s not like you’re supposed to hear or receive anything specific either during or after your moments of silence.

Don’t force this aspect, just know that this state is conducive to ‘knowledge’ that is for your highest good. Inner silence is the most basic step to take in order to access your purest core along with a sense of “collective” unity.

Practice “just listening” to the small spaces of silence in between your thoughts, making these silences the focus of […] meditation. If it helps you, imagine that the silence beyond your thoughts is a powerful, living force that is trying to communicate with you. Let go of all fears, doubts, and restlessness today, and invite the silence to envelop you completely. Just be quiet and listen carefully.

Inner Self

If you had to choose only one suggestion or didn’t know where to start, then silence would be 100% my answer.

About this, Joseph Dispenza suggests practising an hour of silence every day. I’m reporting his words as mere source of inspiration, not as directions to be followed to a T (or any degree).

  1. Schedule your hour of silence at a particular time every day.
  2. During that hour, turn off the phone, TV, radio, computer, and all other appliances and communication devices. Put down all books and other reading material.
  3. Light a candle to be a witness to your hour of silence.
  4. Sit quietly and rest—or look carefully at a natural object—or engage in work that does not require you to hear, see, or express words. Gentle housekeeping or gardening are excellent activities of silence, or a long walk in nature.
  5. Listen to the silence, all the time enjoying this hour-long respite from thinking, reviewing, planning, and imagining. Stay in the present moment.
  6. Breathe deeply and mindfully, bringing in the silence and expelling mental “noise.”
  7. At the end of your hour of silence, let your first word be an expression of gratitude or love; then put out the candle and go about your business.

2 Prayer

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Prayer can follow quite organically, at least the way I see it, after the time spent in silence (‘practising’ it, listening, not doing.)

Personally, I have re-discovered prayer only recently.

It didn’t resonate with me when I was a child, raised in the Catholic faith. In fact, I dropped it all as soon as I could and developed my own spiritual practice instead.

Yet, over time, whenever I heard an ambulance in the distance or coming up to the site of an accident, I would pray Jesus to protect those who were in need. I felt a bit silly, even ashamed to be appealing to an entity I’d had close to zero connection to until then.

At the end of the day, though, I was praying indeed, pretty much like I do today. Although, nowadays I prey to the Universe, my guides, angels, Spirit with conviction, surrender, and trust.

If you are not a religious person I suggest checking out Gabrielle Bernstein: she’s the queen of prayer and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to either adopt one of hers or create new ones.

3 Meditation

Chopra says that through meditation, your mind and thoughts settle into and align with the pure consciousness that lies within.

Choose your favourite style: guided, self-paced, lying, walking, seated.

As I suggest in this guide to starting meditating, even 1 minute practised regularly can get you familiar with it or started again.

During meditation, silence meets focussed attention + breath. Which is why you should be proud of yourself even after a couple of minutes!

Finally, in terms of spiritual alignment and awakening, “Opening and aligning the chakras is key because each of these energy centers within your body can begin to function at a higher level of consciousness once they are taken care of. Guided meditations can help you to visualize this process of awakening.”

4 Movement

Being & doing is an optimal mix for spiritual alignment.

As you’ve probably realised from the opening sentences of this article, the body plays a special role here. We’re human beings who experience everything, literally everything, with and through their bodies.

No matter how intellectual an idea, project, or task seems, we do & feel them with our physical body and sensations.

Which is why, you should take good care of your body. You can easily recall how stagnant energy feels in the body, perhaps if you haven’t worked out in a while, or after sitting too long. Or even at the end of the holiday season, when you’ve indulged in more delicious food than usual.

My advice? Move it in a way that honours your energy levels as well as the voice of intuition, as I have mentioned in 7 Survive & Thrive Tips For The Highly Sensitive Person Who Is Also A Spiritual Introvert.

Movement lets you be present in the moment and out of your head. It can consist of a proper workout, yoga session, some house chores, walking, being in nature to be in silence…

quietly empowered introvert

5 Honest Journalling

If you want to learn how to become spiritually aligned then you must be already aware that some inner work is in order.

By keeping a journal and writing about it, you progressively tackle the issues that make you resentful, easily triggered, scared, alert, tense.

I’m keeping this section concise because if you’re here, you might already be on a path of self-discovery and holistic healing. Of digging deep within, in order to get to the core of your truth, unfiltered by ego and conditioning of any kind.

Goes without saying, honest journalling represents an ongoing process, quite like spiritual alignment (and any practice aiming to let your Soul thrive in a physical body).

Final Thoughts.

How to become spiritually aligned= how to be in harmony, how to flow.

Better still: how to reach (and stay in, each time a little bit longer) a state of allowing, feeling supported, expressing joy for the universe and all that we are.

When we are unaligned, we try to force situations and outcomes. We become anxious, manipulative and are too easily triggered. We separate from others, from Love. In turn, we hinder our own achievements, thus our potential for joy and pure expression.

As above, so below.

Reach Self-Acceptance + Quiet Empowerment Faster.

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