Introvert, HSP, Spiritual: How It All Started.

I share with you how introversion and holistic healing impact + redefine each other.

Healing, as in: cultivating a spiritual practice + addressing this life’s conditioning
Daily life, such as: finding a job + dating + validating your creativity + nurturing your friendships + social life

Conversely, I share with you what holistic healing looks like, from the point of view of a highly sensitive, spiritual introvert like you and me.

With the added benefit of my own experience, including the trial and error, pain, blissful enlightenment, inevitable moments of hopelessness.

Because, you know, healing is a huge topic and, while many of the articles in this blog describe a universal experience of personal growth and evolution, they are told from the unique perspective of an introvert. A highly sensitive one, no less. A spiritual, highly sensitive, introverted Soul.

I am 100% positive it couldn’t work any other way for me and it probably wouldn’t have, hadn’t I brought my introversion to light.

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I promise: once you find out you’re an introvert, your healing process will take an easier, faster turn

Did I always know I needed healing? Sort of.  Did I know I was an introvert, too? Nope, not a chance. At least not until my early thirties [What?! Yep, you read it right…]

I did a huge amount of Soul searching, physical healing, spiritual work while still unaware of that little detail… My introversion. Which is why something kept feeling off. So off. Clearly, I was missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle.

So, since life is already hard as it is and there’s no need to make it any more so…

Do yourself a favor: do things in the right order, unlike me, lol! May you, unlike me, start out with introversion. So that you can carry out your healing work in peace, with the clear awareness of doing so as an introverted woman (and not some random ‘weird loner’.)

5 steps to get started (in the right order!)

  1. Find out if you are an introvert and/or a highly sensitive introvert
  2. Embrace your interest for spirituality
  3. Acknowledge the role played by early childhood conditioning
  4. Become more and more aware until you can enjoy feeling quietly empowered
  5. Observe yourself do a little bit better every day as a magnificent, highly sensitive introvert.

    This is my hope for you.

A little bit about my story – you might find it familiar.

“When holistic healing meets an introverted woman, quiet empowerment is born!”

Hi, I’m Mary, highly sensitive introvert. I have spent almost all my life looking for answers. Answers to a bunch of questions you may find familiar, like:

How can I find peace? Why do I want to be around people, yet get tired of them so soon? Why do I make choices that are opposite to what I know I want, deep down? Why am I so attracted to metaphysical topics? Why do I feel I cannot share all of this with my friends? Why do I feel different?

Some of them came up when I was just a teenager and, although I found answers to all of them, it sure didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, it took years. Years of steady progress that sometimes felt slow, even stale. One answer at a time and, with that, a little bit more peace. Or what I have come to call ‘quiet empowerment’.

daily manifestation techniques

A decade worth of healing felt off until I acknowledged my introversion.

I firmly believe in holistic healing (Soul, physical, and spiritual). However, you cannot do it properly unless you take into account your introverted nature. It is a huge part of who we are that cannot be overlooked.

We have to work through the highs and lows of life in synergy with introversion, not against it!

I’m only telling you this because I have been there.

Even though spirituality and energy work redefined the way I dealt with life pretty soon and heavily, it wasn’t enough. Not until I realized that I was an introverted woman and that introversion is a real thing. Up to then, not only had I been neglecting this fundamental side of my identity, but I was also treating it as something that needed fixing.

Whereas, all my introversion needed was healing. Healing as in being discovered, acknowledged, and fully integrated for my highest good.

Once my journey lovingly included it, peace become a more complete, practical concept. I was finally working in alignment with introversion, not against it.

I started living according to the totality of who I was: embracing past struggles, introversion, my strengths and flows, all together.

Clearly, this process is never really over BUT once you come to a place of quiet empowerment, the road ahead looks somewhat less scary.

I hope you always work in alignment with your truth, rather than fighting it or thinking you have to shed parts of who you are.

Reach Self-Acceptance + Quiet Empowerment Faster.

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