Learn How To Start Manifesting On Paper As A Sensitive Introvert.

In this article you will learn about manifesting on paper, a very popular way to manifest in itself, and how to do it the introvert way. The act of writing with a good old pen – hence, ‘manifesting on paper’ – is considered a very powerful method to deepen introspection and accelerate your manifestations. 

Table of contents
How to start manifesting on paper
– What you need to start manifesting on paper
– Before manifesting on paper, include a short meditation session
– Now you can move on to the actual process of manifesting on paper
The importance of feelings to accelerate your manifestation

How to start manifesting on paper

Manifesting on paper is a very powerful way to manifest your desires: writing with a good old pen and a piece of paper holds a magic power. It helps with introspection and deepens the level of connection to our desires. 

As a spiritual, sensitive introvert, you will notice that putting your feelings into on paper will turn manifestation into a much more familiar, comfortable, and uplifting practice. 

Using Paper For Manifesting

What you need to start manifesting on paper

1) What do you want to manifest?
Try to be as clear as an introvert can be about that which you want to manifest. Narrow it down to 1 to 3 things.

2) Physical items
– a notepad or journal
-a good old pen (better if blue)
-coloured pencils or markers (optional, but fun)
-quiet, private space

3) Mental qualities you’ll also need for manifesting on paper:
In our article The Two Unsung Factors For Beginning Your Journey With The Right Mindset I list
– an open mind
– intuition
as two super allies for embarking on a spiritual journey. Being ours a holistic journey with a highly strong spiritual connotation, you’ll be needing both in large amounts. 

Creativity for introverts

“Anyway, an open mind will be your best ally regardless of whether you’re beginning your spiritual journey or more advanced. Like I said, you will want to refer back to the 2 unsung factors even when you feel you have got the hang of spiritual growth.”

I stand by that 100%. I’ve been doing this for decades but I am still so struck by new levels of spiritual discoveries, which then translate to my material world: for example, new habits, healthier boundaries, more openness to life, etc…

So, please keep an open mind and trust your intuition while you are manifesting on paper all which you desire. Also, be compassionate towards yourself; or, at least, be patient. Be patient when what you want doesn’t align with what you feel; if you don’t fancy a specific technique; if you feel this isn’t the right time to manifest. 

“It is true that, when we talk about spirituality, we tend to leave the physical body out of the equation. But it is the opposite: by paying attention, we learn to attune to intuition and – hopefully — act accordingly.

It turns out to be twice as miraculous to introverts like us. With our heads (almost) always in the air, paying attention to physical sensations drags us out of the Mind intentionally, to create sustainable, life-changing habits.”

Be kind to yourself, always.  

So far we have identified the key elements: physical ones like a journal and a quiet space, pens, and a pop of colour. As well as mental factors and, most importantly, knowing very well what you want to manifest in your life. Lastly, you will need to feel the feelings of bliss in your body in order to write them down.  

meditation and spiritual healing

Before manifesting on paper, include a short meditation session. 

Please, make sure that you start out in a meditation session, even a quick one as a way to tune into the right energy. 

You’re bringing your attention to the here and now, calming down the whirlwind of thoughts, deepening your breath. I suggest drawing a few long breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth for maximum release.

As you get quieter and quieter, some thoughts will still be there but you will be connecting with a powerful place within that is silence, inner guidance, collective love. Don’t push it, just take advantage of a few conscious breaths to create the right mindset: one that is aware, relaxed, open, flowing.

Now you can move on to the actual process of manifesting on paper.

The practice of manifesting on paper can be carried out in 3 different ways such as:
– list of shorter sentences
– affirmations

Manifesting on paper through journalling

  • Use a journal to write about your desire in great detail
  • In the present tense (as if it were already happening, so you’re taking note)
  • And/or past tense (as if it had already happened and you’re saviouring the details of having experienced it).
  • You might want to time your writing and give yourself about 5 minutes. 

Manifesting on paper through shorter sentences

  • You could make a list of short sentences that describe both your desire and the corresponding feelings.
  • You could read them aloud at every session or choose to write down new ones every time.
  • A good number to start? Groups of 5, 21, figures that are dear to a number of spiritual teachers. Anyway, you can go for a different number and switch it up according to you and your intuition!
keep a note pad close by to monitor your journey

Manifesting on paper through affirmations

Shorter sentences that work as a framework and general encouragement. You may have already come across some in our article Creativity For Introverts. Here are a few examples that you can use manifesting on paper:

  • My vision makes me feel joyous and free
  • I feel safe in my manifestation
  • My desire brings me peace
  • It brings me a sense of fulfillment
  • My heart is full
  • I am at home


What are coloured pencils for?
For your introvert’s creativity to be unleashed and to let inspiration guide you. You may find some colours more apt for feelings, or specific ones, other colours better suited for details, or chunks of journaling.

What if I don’t have any coloured pencils or markers?
Writing with a pen will do, no problem!

How often should you do it?
How often and how long are up to you, although the more consistent you are, the better chance you have to build a new habit. Always let Intuition guide you. You are your own best guide. 

The importance of feelings to accelerate your manifestation process

“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create”


Please allow me to repeat myself and remark, once more, that manifesting on paper — or any other form — requires an authentic connection with positive feelings. So, regardless of whether you choose to journal, write affirmations or shorter sentences, make sure you include a good portion of feelings in your desired written form.

Super important! If you’re a sensitive introvert, make sure you double your focus on feelings, not simply the thing you are manifesting.

Are you a spiritual introvert and/or a highly sensitive person like me? 

Then I recommend you proceed in the following way. 

As you have read at the beginning of this paragraph, you must define what you want to manifest. Of course it can be anything: an object, a situation, a relationship, a type of person, health, a new career, a baby, better friendships… The sky’s the limit!

Then, pair it with the feelings connected with your desire. Positive feelings must always be included while you’re manifesting on paper. I know that every spiritual teacher stresses this aspect over everything else.

As an introvert, empath or highly sensitive person, the practice of detailing something that we don’t have yet feels disorienting or simply not natural. Therefore, you may realise you’re way more comfortable elaborating on sensations and emotions rather than the most detailed aspects of your desire.

Be clear on what it is that they want to manifest and instead of going into too much detail as to what that thing looks like, focus on emotions, positive feelings and sensations. Take your time manifesting on paper and connect with the emotional side of your desire. 

If, by any chance, a desire or feelings aren’t exactly joy and light, then take a second to review them. Understand whether there are any internal obstacles, inner work to be done, or perhaps you’ll realise that a specific desire wasn’t so much yours as influenced by external factors.

Don’t force positive reactions for the sake of it: you’ll be honouring your desires and Self so much more deeply if you keep your attention on authentic Joy, Love, and lightness. Anything else is resistance to a desire. 


Manifesting on paper is a potent technique for bringing your dreams to life, and a magical one if you fill it up with all the ecstatic feelings caused by them. Our mission is to make sure we live and thrive as spiritual & introverted Souls.

An interesting, additional, resource.
I recommend a wonderful podcast, Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela that can support you when manifesting on paper your dreams and visions.

“If you love the spiritual journey exploring your mind and soul, you will love this podcast. Learn about what factors grow and shape your personality and the personalities of others around you. All explained by psychic medium and aura reader Mystic Michaela.” https://www.mysticmichaela.com/podcast
Episode 64, in particular, is about Empath Manifestation and it’s just so good. MM is a psychic medium and aura reader; she hosts the podcast together with her husband, Scott. Both of them are very down to Earth, authentic, and always manage to lighten things up when a topic becomes too heavy.

“How can you manifest best for your authentic self? The law of attraction works differently for Empaths, and Michaela breaks it all down in this week’s episode. Michaela discusses the three steps needed for Empaths to Manifest their desires. She breaks down Spiritual Bypassing, Vision boards and how to mediate in the real world. Scott gives his updates to his vision boards and members of the Mystic Michaela Spiritual family share their quirkiest, most controversial and unconventional goals they wish to manifest this year.”

manifesting on paper

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