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My introverted friends, welcome to your practice. As you can read in the 1 minute meditation script below, you are ready to start right away and the same goes for the audio version. Just follow my voice and you’re ready to go. Let me just give you a few pointers first.

Table of Contents
About the 1 minute meditation script and audio
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Before The Meditation
Who is this for (script)
When and where to practice (script)
About uncomfortable feelings and distractions (script)
Three breaths to begin and end: optional (script)
Open ending for you (script)
1 minute meditation script
How did it go? (script)
Learn more on how to meditate for the first time

About the 1 minute meditation script and audio.

The 1 minute meditation script is also available as free, audio tracks below.


Before The Meditation

Who are the 1 minute meditation script and audio for (script)

This is a gentle, short meditation: be it your first time ever or a return after a hiatus, it offers an opportunity to be still and breathe consciously.

It lasts one minute, or a little longer if you choose to add three breaths at the beginning and afterwards.

One minute is also perfect for more experienced meditators whenever they need to take a break and enjoy a little guidance as a way to be more motivated.

I often practice for 1 minute during work to ground and sort of ‘reset’ mind, eyes, and body.

The more you come back to it, the easier you will find to adapt it to your schedule and even fit it in ‘on the go.’

beginnin your spiritual journey with two unsung factors mindset

When and where to practise (script)

If you are completely new to meditation, I suggest you find a quiet place and moment to practise the 1 minute meditation script and audio — or either one.

Set up your space with earphones, a chair or pillows, the script in front of you to either read only or read and listen.

Some people prefer to practice in the morning, others in the evening. I enjoy evenings more since I am not a morning person – like, at all!

However, I encourage you to find the best time/times: stick to one if it makes sense or be more flexible if you like to be guided by inspiration.

As for posture, sit in a chair or be cross-legged, or even stand. Try to create a nice long line from the lower back to the back of your head. Relax your face, neck, and shoulders.

About uncomfortable feelings and distractions (script)

It’s OK if you get distracted during this one minute, just go back to the air moving in and out of your nostrils.

If, on the other hand, you feel uncomfortable in your body to the point of not making it through the end, then stop. Don’t push yourself unless / until you feel safe and ready to.

Your body, your rules, my introverted friends.

Three breaths to begin and end: optional (script)

If you prefer, you can take three deep breaths before the practice: in through the nose and out through the mouth, perhaps with a vigorous exhale. It might help you transition from what comes before into the practice itself.

By breathing out through the mouth, you will release — both figuratively and literally — whatever doesn’t serve you. You will help your body relax for what’s about to come. 

You can choose to take three deep breaths after the 1 minute meditation script / audio as well. Again, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth to create a clearer transition into the rest of your day.

Open ending for you (script)

You will notice that this 1 minute meditation script doesn’t end with a typical Namaste or Sat Nam. I have opted for this solution to allow you to choose between one of the following:

  • stay in the meditation a little longer;
  • add three, final breaths;
  • play the audio from the top to increase practice time;
  • be still with yourself and breath.

1 minute meditation script

1 minute meditation script

Would you rather copy – paste the 1 minute meditation script wherever you prefer? Here it is:
Breathe in and out through your nose
Breathe in through your nostrils
And out again through your nostrils
And while you keep going, see if you can slow down the pace a little bit
See if you can deepen your inhale
And deepen your exhale as well
See if you can slow down your pace
While you keep breathing in and out through the nose
While you’re being still, with your body.

How did it go? (script)

Namaste and welcome back! How did it go? How are you feeling after this minute?

Like I said above, distractions are very likely to come up during your meditations, no matter how long they are.

The same can happen for body sensations such as tension, stomach discomfort, or any other ‘reaction’ to a new habit.

Please take a moment to be proud of yourself: you sat down — or stood — in silence, experimenting with something new. Regardless of whether you completed the whole minute, went a bit further or quit halfway through: you went past any resistance by deciding to give meditation a try.

And if you have found it intriguing enough to come back to the practice any time soon, then, well…

May it be the first of a long, rewarding series!


Enjoyed the 1 minute meditation script? Learn more on how to meditate for the first time

If you’ve practised to the 1 minute meditation script and want to learn more, here is some additional information extracted from our article: How Often Should I Meditate – And 3 More FAQs

How often? How long should I meditate?

Your breath, your best friend.

The number one tip – which will never go out of style — is to focus on the breath.

If you sit in a quiet place and focus on your breath, even for a few seconds, you will be meditating.

  1. Try to relax your upper body.
  2. Observe the movement of your full breaths – that is, in through the nose and out through the nose.
  3. One, two, three, four, five conscious breaths and… you’re done.

Congratulations! You have already answered one of the most frequently asked questions on the subject: “How am I supposed to do it?”

What are the best poses?

Depending on the type of meditation you opt for, you will be sitting, walking or lying down.

Sitting has always worked best for me and I believe you will appreciate it too, especially in the beginning stages.

You can sit in a chair or with your legs crossed. Make sure your back is straight up to the back of the neck, your shoulders are down, your chin tucked in slightly towards the throat. The hands rest on the knees or in your lap. Start breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. Pay attention to its movement in and out of your nostrils. You will likely be distracted by physical sensations or thoughts, even if you’re only aiming for 5 or 10 full breaths.

It’s OK. Simply bring your attention back to the inhales + exhales.

You get distracted, you go back to the breath.
You get distracted, you go back to the breath.
You get distracted, you back to the breath.
And so on.

How often should I meditate?

The idea of doing it every day and building a regular practice is very intriguing. I’d love to be that consistent myself. 

However… Who am I kidding? I’m not the most disciplined introvert on Earth and gasp for air as soon as soon as I’m “ordered” anything.

Does “Every day” feel overwhelming? Maybe you need to redefine your optimal frequency. It can look like three times a week, almost every day, ‘only at the weekends until you add more days’, etc…

In any case, if you manage to meditate frequently enough to create some sort of habit, you will soon realize you will yearn for the post meditation feeling.


Let me know how it goes, whether you have tried the practice included in the 1 minute meditation script and audio as your first meditation ever of gotten back in the game.

Over time, you will notice how big a difference even one minute makes in the long run. The long run is what consistency is made of.

Slow and steady, like your breath.

Additional resources from the web

They both focus on ideal meditation duration and, while one suggests beginning with 5 minutes a day, absolute beginners are likely to find it daunting or at least a bit difficult to follow through on. Learn more from these well established resources but remember that your 1 minute meditation script and audio are always there for your mental health.


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