Sensitive Energy Intuitive Reading For Virgo Season.

I am using Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck. It seems fitting for this season, which marks the beginning of a new work / school year. For a lack of a better phrase, I have chosen to call it a Reading for Virgo Season. However, the reading doesn’t contain any references to astrology.

It’s just that many people – including me – find this a better suited period for making plans and focusing on new intentions instead of January. The energy of these cards seems to agree!

FLEXIBLE, first.

flexible first card

Before turning it over, what came through was ‘calm’ and ‘heart center’. Particularly, an invitation to go back to our heart and connect with it. Access that place of calm and centeredness within that is always available, even if we don’t always think so. In that space lies our essence: calm, self-assured, and soft at the same time.

Once turned over, we have Flexible. Indeed, if you are in your heart center, you’re leading with your heart. You know who you are from an intuitive, energetic point of view. You are quietly empowered and confident, therefore you’re in a position to be flexible with and about Life.

Now that you’re grounded as softly as in the card, you can look at the world from different perspectives. You’re able to hold different views, move past polarities. This is the best position – quite literally – for seeing different angles and nuances, not just knowing. You can embrace them as a new way to look at things.

Allow yourself to expand and grow like those flowers stemming from the crown chakra. Enough healing has already taken place for you. Now’s a good moment to heal, sure, but most importantly, to expand. You may already notice a newfound sense of curiosity, playfulness, and openness towards Life.

NEW LIFE, second.

new life card

Before turning it over, what came through was: expand, embrace gifts, pleasures, and all the good around you. A sense of fullness about Life.

Once turned over, I get it. This card ties in ‘perfectly’ with the previous one. You have (re) established a connection to the heart center, a quietly powerful connection to your core energy and values. You’re confident enough to look at life from different perspectives, consider new opportunities.

Well, now you’re primed for a new life. Whichever meaning it has for you. A new season seems to be starting indeed. Can you see that she’s just waking up? Waking up to her own power, mostly, as those rays of white light would suggest. Even though her wings are half spread, pretty much mimicking her state, those white rays are fully ‘operative’.

She’s in a comfortable position but it’s clear she’s ready for expansion. If, in Flexible, she’s playing with new possibilities although still surrounded by nature and more recognizable surroundings (green grass), here in New Life she’s up in the air, up for something new. But it doesn’t look scary, does it? It doesn’t feel scary for you, does it?

To Sum Up This Reading For Virgo Season.

So, what do these new opportunities look like for you? Dormant, potential, already budding, exploding? A New Life here isn’t so much a full change but rather reaping the fruits of what you have sown so far. Don’t be tricked into thinking it has to be incredible things. You already probably know which fruits you’re starting to see grow.

Intuitive Reading For Virgo Season

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