Self-Care For Spiritual Introverts: 6 Examples To Inspire You.

Self-care for spiritual introverts includes a number of options whose main goal is to create balance between body, soul’s needs, and introverted mind. You do so by nurturing different sides (like body, imagination, connection to a higher power) and ideally cultivate the best holistic version of your spiritual, introverted self.

Table of contents
Self-care for spiritual introverts: little glamour, lots of quiet fun!
Rest no 1 form of self-care for spiritual introverts and HSP
On the other end of the spectrum, we have movement.
Reading is perfect self-care for introverts, spiritual or not.
Solo public activities.
All things cozy and indulging.
Last but not least. The ultimate self-care for spiritual introverts is… Your spiritual practice!

Self-care for spiritual introverts: little glamour, lots of quiet fun!

Self-care for spiritual introverts is not exactly a glamorous practice but it can be lots of fun, soothing, and surely empowering.

It is the act of taking care of yourself, specifically the introverted person and sensitive being who is into spirituality. someone who needs extra downtime, or plenty — for real, though — of alone time.

Extra time is necessary for an introverted personality, even more so for the spiritual soul in that introverted body.

How do we combine, and how do we come to the aid of a spiritual introvert, who is likely to be an HSP as well? How do we make this person happy? 

How do we manage to stay present in the world, connected to our beliefs while our minds are happily wandering about imaginary worlds? How do we create and maintain balance, in other terms…

I have curated a list of macro-areas of self-care for spiritual introverts to explore and draw inspiration from, in an attempt to offer a mix of aspects covering your body, spirit, and mind.

The areas we’ll be looking at are:

Solo public activities
All things cosy and indulging
Spiritual practice.

Rest: no 1 form of self-care for spiritual introverts and HSP

Rest is the foundation of self-care for spiritual introverts. 

You must certainly be familiar with the frequent urge to recharge in solitude after you have interacted with people. Which could be simply after work, family gatherings, trips, or birthday dinners: very common meetings and social events indeed. 

Some of us may not be aware of the reason why, anyway we have to run to a quiet, familiar space. It is a deep, almost non-negotiable need for isolation, even if just for a few minutes, that will allow us to recoup.

What would rest look like?

-Being alone, above all!
-Staring at your room’s walls
-Taking a nap
-Lying down
-Sitting in you favourite spot on the sofa
-Being silent
-Anything that provides rest and recharge!

Are you highly sensitive as well as introverted and spiritual? Then this moment becomes crucial for another reason. We, HSP, have to wash away feelings and energies picked up from people and environments. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter: our original energy, boundaries, and balance have to be restored.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have movement.

It can be a proper workout, Yoga, being in nature, a gentle walk outside or indoor movement, a little bit of stretching (which is necessary and soothing, yet quite neglected.

Movement is extremely important for our bodies, in the context of holistic health. I have become a firm believer of the fact that self-care for spiritual introverts has to involve the body actively.

It’s the only way to dispel pent-up energy and create a nice balance, given our sedentary lifestyles (especially now that remote work has increased significantly).

Movement helps us be in our body rather than our heads — as we probably do most of the time as introverts! The focus shifts from mind to body, slowly bringing more awareness to the physical environment.

Aside from training sessions, I like to think of movement as anything that will get me doing instead of thinking, thus increasing blood circulation and sharpening the perception of my surroundings.

Dancing at home or with a very selected and trusted circle of friends.
Belting out and leaping about to your favourite playlist
Walking instead of driving for grocery shopping
Prioritising a five minute walk when you would normally watch TV.

Reading is perfect self-care for introverts, spiritual or not.

Regardless of your preference: fiction, spiritual or only self-help books; fantasy, essays, colouring books… The choice is endless.

Also, regardless of preference, reading is a fantastic opportunity to just be with yourself while immersing into someone else’s world and words. A double treat: silence, solitude (ideally), escape, knowledge.

Like you, I’m into reading and I like to keep a bunch of different genres on my night table. Although, I’ve only recently given myself permission to do it! I used to think I had to finish a book before starting a new one.

On Childhood Conditioning explained in LePera's book

Nowadays, I trust my energy more so I just flow with this natural tendency. In fact, I adore the thought of being able to choose the book I’m mostly aligned with at a particular moment.  

On a similar note if you’re not into reading…

If you’re not a keen reader or have a hard time focusing on the written page, then a few cool alternatives offer a similar opportunity to relax, distract, learn, get energised.

-A cool music playlist
-Audible books

Solo public activities.

I truly get a kick out of going out into the world by myself. You probably don’t know that I’ve been in a steady relationship for a decade. And I do most activities with my boyfriend: grocery shopping, going to the movies or… well, almost everything.

But whenever I get a chance to do something by myself — or actively choose to — I feel like a zen badass.

I’m not talking about feminism or gender empowerment of any sort. I’m talking about introvert empowerment! A lovely side-effect of self-care for spiritual introverts like us!

quietly empowered introvert

An introvert’s excitement every time they make the decision to step out solo and follow through with it. Particularly if they usually go out in a couple, with their family, friends, or flatmates.

I encourage you to:

Have lunch or dinner by yourself
Visit your local library (hundreds of titles and plenty of quiet, blissful!)
Spend time in your favourite bookstore
Go grocery shopping
Sign up for a cultural or sports event you’ve been eying for a while.

Manifesting On Paper

All things cozy and indulging.

Yes, you read it right. Self-care for spiritual introverts must include juicy stuff, too! Aka, ctivities and pleasures that stimulate the senses, leaving you feeling spoiled, relaxed and happy about life on Earth. 

I’m thinking food, drinks, warm beverages, cocktails. Candles, crystals; long showers or a hot bath. I’m also thinking setting up a space for meditation and journalling, listening to your favourite guided meditations or music. As well as a place to get creative — painting, maybe? — or even talk to a friend on the phone.

Really, anything that will treat the five senses, help the body relax, recharge, be ready for life again.

Such pleasures come in handy during difficult times or when you are in a completely new space (mentally or physically). A candle or a crystal will be an amazing form of self-care for your nervous system and energy, along with a journal and a fun TV show.

In short, activities and cosy stuff that will instantly create a homely atmosphere, safe and warm.

You will be offering yourself that love we all need and are absolutely worthy of. By the way, if you know me and my articles, I love to stress the importance of connecting to a space of joy, love and play.

Go ahead and take that hot bath, stand in the shower a little longer… Light your best candle. Just reward yourself through feelings of self appreciation and value, especially when you’re going through a tough time. That’s the moment to hold on and connect even more to joy and expansion, even if for a just a few minutes.

Last but not least. The ultimate self-care for spiritual introverts is… Your spiritual practice!

Spiritual self-care for spiritual introverts: where it all starts!

I don’t know about you bu my practice makes me feel alive, grounded in the body, connected to human kind and the Universe. The best of the best.

Unlike previous forms of self-care listed so far, you don’t need literally anything to practise. As a matter of fact, one may not always have access to ‘accessories’ like candles, crystals, decks, not even a dedicated room. Sometimes you just have to resort to your ability to ‘simply’ get aware and tune into inner silence. 

However, let’s be completely honest…

I love to have my beloved objects nearby, for they create a sense of richer spiritual experience. The acts of taking out a journal, blue pen, coloured pencils — perhaps with tarot within reach — brings in the magic of rituals.

Cultivating your practice can consist of anything you want to: pulling a card, connecting to your guides or meditating. You may take care of your spiritual self by watching YouTube interviews of prominent authors in the field. Perhaps you want to take it outside: a walk in nature, close to the silence and wisdom of the trees.

No matter what you choose, a few minutes of practice every day and you become one proud, centred, spiritual introvert!  



As mentioned at the beginning of the article, these 6 examples of self-care for spiritual introverts aim to create a healthy balance between body, soul’s needs and intellectual mind.

You may not always understand — probably, trust — what your body and soul are asking for so you might end up favouring one aspect over the other. Anyway, it’s good to know you have so many options to go back to, for the best holistic version of your spiritual, introverted self.

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