Collective Oracle Reading For Libra Season + October

Hi everyone, here’s a short and sweet reading for Libra Season: it’s the beginning of October and, along with it, the cardinal, air sign of Libra.

While I was thinking about sitting down for a reading, I was drawn to the Starseed Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel. I usually go to this deck for my own, personal readings and use Wisdom of the Oracle for clients’ or collective readings (as of September, 2022. I should receive a new Oracle deck anytime soon and I’m so excited!)

“Forge, Don’t Follow” in Libra Season.

I must confess I was a bit surprised to be picking this card for Libra season but, hey, I’m just listening to Spirit’s voice after all!

What came through was a sense of surrender to the energy of the darker months ahead, in order to create something new for the warmer months.

However, if you want something innovative, you can’t but re-think your own role in this new narrative, as well. Besides, with the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the season of urgency, go have your fun as long as it’s available, is over. We’re almost being forced to turn our attention elsewhere. Laying new foundations seems like a legitimate thing to do, or – at least – consider.

Picture of card: Forge, Dont' Follow. Be The Leader You Wish You Had

Plunge into darkness + light with trust.

For Autumn and Libra Season, many mentioned rest for a good reason.

With this card, you have an opportunity to pave a new path for yourself in a way that is tranquil, from inside your own cave. 

Starting with Libra season and Autumn in general, you can weave the web of the new upcoming months. And because we’re doing it during the darker part of the year, we have more time to craft this new vision. It’s a new vision for our life — including a new role model — that we are creating, from the coziness of Autumn. With Libra Season come darker times (as in, longer hours of darkness), which are perfect for introspection, deciding which new course you will want to take. 

You’re basically preparing yourself and your own territory for that time of green pastures and landscape in the upper half of the card Here, healing has happened and so have reflections. By now, you have a very clear objective ahead of you: most of the green landscape is clear. It’s definitely encouraging.

Nonetheless, most of the card for Libra season revolves around purple lights and stars, whose brightness is more or less intense. We can state that most of the card is occupied by darkness, although it’s not overwhelming at all. 

In fact, the woman at the bottom is ready to embrace the darkness, which is punctuated by bright lights and stars. She’s ready to dive right in with trust. Your Starseed family suggests embracing both light and darkness: such landscape is nothing short of healing and welcoming. 

It represents a bit of an obligatory step: you have to catch up with what has been so far, especially if you want to head in a new direction. 

Libra Season: don’t follow, be the leader you wish you had.

This feels very true at times like these: we often don’t get to have the leaders or role models we wish we had. In real life nor online: what we see isn’t always what is, so we don’t know where to turn. In such a scenario, it might just as well be worth it – and time – to invest in ourselves. But in a very quiet, humble, self nurturing way. 

So let Autumn, then Winter, hug and lull you with their darker hours, for planning will happen more easily after a little rest and introspection. 

Again, if you want to have better role models, start from you. I don’t sense a focus on the collective connotation of role models to begin with. It’s more about the personal level right now.

This time will allow you to create new foundations through its darkness, through a slower pace, and rest. There’s such a beautiful purple sky full of bright stars: an invitation to plunge into rest as well as regeneration through rest. Like the woman looking up, with her floating gown would suggest. 

Please note. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is shorter so it comes with a sense of urgency attached to it. A call to make the most of it even when it’s almost impossible it is so hot.

With Libra Season, we are now hitting a longer period of calm; the sense of urgency has subsided. We’re being called to shift the focus. The fun part – so to speak – is over, so a look inward feels almost like an obligation.


To create a new path for yourself means to understand which role you will have, first and foremost.

So, what type of leader are you going to be in the next stage of life?
Are you satisfied with the models you’re provided?
The ones you grew up with?
What is a non-negotiable in someone you would consider a role model?

picture for reading for libra season

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