My “Fantastic 3” No-Fail Steps to a Quietly Empowered Life That Will Honor Your Introversion.

If you’re looking for clear ways to start healing and create a more fulfilling life in alignment with your introversion, this article is for you. It is an overview of the three fantastic things that made my life easier, more enjoyable and fun. In other words, quietly empowered.

Table of Contents
Healing and creating an empowered life as an introvert.
The Fantastic Three Things that Changed My Life and Will Change Yours Too.
Why Meditation, Gratitude, and Manifestation are Great for Introverts
Meditation, Gratitude, Manifestation: Your Fantastic Three
How to combine and actually use them.

Healing and creating an empowered life as an introvert.

The nightmare of seeking – spiritual, mental – peace and more confidence is still quite vivid in my head. It only got better with time, one discovery after the other, and I still do not give any of them for granted!

Right now, you may be in the place where I stood once: you have just embraced your need for healing & a better life or perhaps you’re warming up to the idea. Either way, kudos to you!

It takes strength, courage. It takes grit to take control of your existence.

Especially because, in our case, it entails an extra layer of brutal honesty and self-acceptance: our introversion.

Your introversion craves its spot in your healing process, and the other way round: that’s the optimal way to restore physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

That’s where and how a quietly empowered, introverted woman blossoms.

The Fantastic Three Things that Changed My Life and Will Change Yours Too.

The space of holistic healing overflows with so much content that it looks overwhelming borderline scary. It is important to find what feels good (like Adriene from Yoga With Adriene wisely suggests) and adjust as you progress.

In my case, I share with you the three stars in the movie of my life. The ones that I can rely on whenever I need or – better still – the ones I should go to consistently to keep my sanity and balance intact.

Even though I am not a huge fan of labels, the phrase Fantastic Three came up spontaneously and I still like to use it for a good reason. Their action has proven so powerful and transformative over the years that a better phrase couldn’t have popped up to describe them.

One marvelous aspect of them is they are “no fail”, as mentioned in the title of this article. Because, honestly, you can’t go wrong with:

  1. Meditation
  2. Gratitude
  3. Manifestation

They are risk-free, proven techniques that have played a pivotal role in my life, even when I was still unaware they were doing their magic.

As mentioned above, we will take a quick look at each of their main features and how to practice the three of them together.

Why Meditation, Gratitude, and Manifestation are Great for Introverts

Fantastic 3 to a quietly empowered life

An INFP introvert myself, I understand the suffering it entails to:

find ways to soothe the mind and Soul
do it as an Introvert (or an unaware introvert, like I was for decades)
create an aligned, empowered life

I remember also what it is like when you have few to no people to talk to. Perhaps having a hard time trusting friends with your pain. The same goes for mental health professionals, no matter how strong their credentials.

In such a context, meditation, gratitude, manifestation represent the ideal starting point for whomever is about to embark on a journey of spiritual and personal growth.

Let alone us introverts: they are pure gold. Let me give you a couple of reasons.

Firstly, you won’t have to put up with the ordeal of getting in touch with a stranger in order to merely “learn more” and risk saying “No, thanks!”
Or, best case scenario, risk saying “Yes, I’d love to!” while feeling torn by financial and trust issues.

Your Fantastic Three will be always accessible at any time: no phone calls, no texts, no formal introductions required.

Secondly, you have control over the whole process: how long to practice one or all, the specific ways, what you will be revealing or holding back. It is all going to be between you and that divine Higher Self of yours.

No obligations, no questions asked.

Finally, you will be using your beautifully introverted mind to step away – even if momentarily – from the usual overthinking activity, to focus on one thing at a time. All the while adding an element of playfulness.

Let’s move on to finding out how meditation, gratitude, and manifestation will guide you on a path of sweet self-discovery, divine acceptance, and blissful thriving.

Meditation, Gratitude, Manifestation: Your Fantastic Three

Think of this trio as an introvert’s starter’s kit to healing and an empowered life. Get ready to meet them. You will learn a little bit about how they work so that they can become YOUR Fantastic Three for life.


Keep it simple. Stick to the breath.

Search ‘meditation’ online and you will be shocked by the quantity and quality of search engine results. Where to start, which style, for how long, how often? Are they all beginner friendly? Hard to tell at first.

No worries, we will keep it super simple. Think of meditation as a moment where you:

  • sit in a quiet place,
  • for a few breaths or one to five minutes, and
  • pay attention to your breath

This definition suits beginner and expert meditators alike because, you know, ‘less is more’, and also because it relies on the miraculous power of the breath.

It is something so simple that it almost goes unnoticed. Yet it proves extremely powerful.

Think of your breath as a bridge that connects the mind to the body, then pulls us gently back to the present moment, where is everything we need. How life-transforming can it be for introverted folks like us, huh?

A gentle reminder to slow down the flow of spinning thoughts, notice the rhythm of our beating hearts to finally observe we are here, now. Through meditation you will be able to:
— consciously return to the breath as a means to regulate your emotions
— progressively gain better control over a seemingly never-ending train of thoughts.

By sitting down in meditation, you will access some precious pockets of silence within, the same ones that will bring forth instants of peace. The more consistently you practice, the better results you will notice.


What made you smile today?
What made you feel good?

Once you have practiced meditation for one minute or more, you will be in the right disposition for moving on to gratitude.

In her book, Living in Gratitude: A Journey That Will Change Your Life, Angeles Arrien writes: “Gratitude is essentially the recognition of the unearned increments of value in one’s experience.” She goes on to say: “Gratitude is a feeling that spontaneously emerges from within. However, it is not simply an emotional response; it is also a choice we make. We can choose to be grateful, or we can choose to be ungrateful—to take our gifts and blessings for granted. As a choice, gratitude is an attitude or disposition.”

In other words, gratitude lies in the ability to acknowledge the beauty of what we have in life. No matter how big or small.

While we can be grateful for the material things we already own, afford to buy or are gifted, the concept of gratitude offers its best when you shift your attention to sensation. Once you see the difference between the physical thing and the feeling it stirs, you will realize you can intentionally focus on the emotion, the smile something puts on your face!

I will be honest with you. I allow myself to be super excited about something as simple as a new planner. Mine, for example, I ordered from an online Scottish shop. It is sweet and practical, just perfect for me, I couldn’t help but giggle upon unwrapping it. I so was grateful for that apparently little thing that I consciously let my positive reaction grow bigger, turning into an authentic wave of gratitude.

Practicing gratefulness turns out to be surprisingly uplifting and good for your general well-being, even if it lasts a couple of seconds!

You can do it with anything that you already enjoy in your life, say your favorite mug, a new book or the memory of bumping across an old friend. For how long should you be going on? I wouldn’t put a time limit to it. I suggest you begin with savoring the moment and not force a thing. Learn more in our article on how to develop and have an attitude of gratitude.

Remember to be grateful


“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”

Maya Angelou

You are now smiling in gratitude. How does it feel? Pretty darn good, I bet!

Keep it up and then bear with me for a sec. Imagine opening a door to a big living room: cozy, full of objects you would love to have in your own place. You know you can take home whatever you want.

If I were there, I know I would grab a natural bee wax candle, a vintage end table, an antique white and blue teacup (or ten of them, plus their saucers!).

It’s your turn. YOU have eyed the objects of your dreams… Take in the joy, the excitement over the realization that: ‘Oh my God, I cannot believe I get to take home whatever I want!’

Right, whatever you want. How big is your smile now, how does it make you feel?

Savior the feeling.
A little bit longer.
Open your eyes if they were ever closed.

Manifestation is the practice of summoning the feeling of something you want, as if you already had it, to make it happen in real life – manifest it indeed. As if you only had to enter a room — or any other space of your choice — and pick up that which you desire. Want to learn more? Have a look at our article on how to practise daily manifestation as an introverted beginner.

The basic concept behind manifestation is the Law of Attraction (short, LOA), which you may have read or heard about.

“From various experiments and concepts in science, most especially physics, the law of attraction is a real thing. Without arguments, there is no specific study on the law of attraction; however, several experiments provide a great insight into how the law works – chief among them is quantum physics.”

Cozy candles

Through co-creating, you incorporate ‘conscious’ dreaming into your routine and let the dream become a reality. Talk about an empowered life!

So: just like you make time to meditate and be purposefully grateful, you make the time to dream [highlight!!]. I’ll show you how in the next articles but for now…

Remember, it is about the feeling of a dream that has come true. Amplify it and let it radiate from your Body & Soul.

How to combine and actually use them.

This article is meant as an overview of meditation, gratitude, and manifestation for introverts. That is, why they are beneficial for those introverts who crave more peace, along with a more magical, empowered life. We will be diving deeper into all of it, anyway you can already get started with The Fantastic Three.

My first piece of personal advice is to go ahead and explore each fantastic one individually. Like I said, I will be providing more in-depth articles on the topic but I encourage you to play around with them right away.

Stress on ‘play’. No pressure, no expectations. Take it easy and enjoy the excitement of a new chapter.

Start small, be easy on yourself.

Ideally, devote a minute or two to meditation, move on to gratitude for another minute or two, and the same for manifestation. You might want to close out the sequence with hands in prayer, a gentle bow of the head: thank both the Universe and yourself.

Please always make sure to acknowledge the time you make and the effort you put into trying.

Bonus tip: keep a note pad close by as you begin, so that you record your impressions, feelings, or intuitions at the end of each step or the practice altogether. It’s going to be a wonderful way to get to know yourself better and monitor the progress of your relationship with your new friends.

Journal your journey of healing and empowered life.


I would like to stress, one last time in this article, that the process takes time, patience and self-compassion.

Of course, I am in awe of our Fantastic Three but it took a while before seeing “results” or being able to comprehend the role they had played. In fact, it’s not like I woke up one morning and told myself, out of the blue: ‘You know, if I practice meditation, gratitude, and manifestation long enough, my life might just suck a little less.’ What happened, instead, was it took years to finally see what had made some of the most extraordinary changes in my life possible.

So, don’t forget…

It’s just the beginning of a journey of self-discovery towards a more authentic, peaceful lifestyle. Please, don’t get too hung up on the descriptions above.

Take breaks whenever needed, start back again when you feel ready or yearning for more. It is your time and place to craft a quietly empowered life thanks to your Fantastic Three.

Reach Self-Acceptance + Quiet Empowerment Faster.

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