How You Can Make a Difference As A Sensitive Person.

As sensitive people, we internalize a lot of the negative events and energy of the World. Words fall short to explain how deeply sad and powerless we feel about them. So, what can we do from our peaceful homes? How to make a difference as a sensitive person?

Table Of Contents for How To Make a Difference As A Sensitive Person.
What can we do from our peaceful homes?
How to make a difference as a sensitive person through spirituality.
How to make a difference as a sensitive person and introvert.
Don’t overdo it!
What working with energy isn’t.
Final thoughts

What can we do from our peaceful homes?

We can do a lot, trust me. Learning how to make a difference as a sensitive person is a matter of working with what we already know. And, above all, we already are.

We can work with energy while being also very practical about it. That is, by doing things out there in the world, in a way that won’t deplete us. Because that’s a huge problem: being depleted, our boundaries crossed frequently… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Me in a few sentences? I’m an introvert, so I don’t do too well in groups or ‘in groups for too long’. Besides, I’m a sensitive introvert. I pick up on people’s energy, general vibe of a place, I ‘absorb’ the quality of a piece of news on TV or in a newspaper. Either good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the news, we’re bombarded by negative facts. As well as hundreds of reports that focus more on amplifying the bad rather than telling facts. Good news is seldom covered nor is it given enough coverage

As a sensitive person, I started becoming overwhelmed by TV news at the age of 11-12 but I wouldn’t give it much thought. I tried to make it through the end, considering it is served right on time for dinner or lunch.

Once I started my inner work, I realized I had a choice: I could avoid TV news, endless shows covering the same events over and over again. I have reached a point where I avoid online newspapers as well.

how to make a difference as a sensitive person


I go through phases where I push myself to stay up to date on the latest events and phases where I block everything out. Everything. If I’m meant to learn about something, I will. I’m sure it’ll come up it in a conversation with my boss, in group chats, etc…


I’ve already told you the story of the woman I saw hitting something/someone with a stick inside a van. The scene caused a mix of sadness, fear and powerlessness to stay with 5 year-old me for too long. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s in the 5 Signs You’re Living With A Highly Sensitive Person. The moral of the story being, I’ve been retaining the feeling of events since I was a little girl.

The same goes for wanting to help so, so badly while I know I just can’t for a million reasons.

So, how to make a difference as a sensitive person?

Fast forward to my thirties, and a great deal of inner work, awareness, and insights, I know a holistic approach will work best in this context as well. As I was saying at the beginning of this article, we work with what we already are, have, love, thrive on.

We use energy: positive, healing, joyful, unifying. We use our hands: to volunteer in an introvert friendly way. A word of caution: we must protect our energy, time, and resources, to keep the whole process as clean and flowing as possible.

Now we’re ready to learn more in detail how to make a difference as a sensitive person.

How to make a difference as a sensitive person through spirituality.

The no 1 power you have as a spiritual person is sensitivity to energy. In the same way you absorb not so optimal vibes, you know how to cherish, preserve, amplify positive ones. Here are a few magical tools for whenever you want to make a difference as a sensitive person — and introvert.

Use prayer: pray for healing in those who perpetrate evil as well in those who are abused. Healing in the physical body (as total recovery or slow and steady progress). Healing in the emotional and psychological realms, for those wounds last longer. Pray for moments of comfort, laughter, irony, connections. Pray for joy. Envision bright, warm rays emanating from you.

Use joy: do the things that bring you joy and fulfillment. Your favourite activities, hobbies, people & pets. Move your body freely, dancing. Listen to evergreen feel good tracks. Watch your favourite TV shows or movies. As a sensitive soul, I suspect you’re going to choose light, funny options. You won’t be brought down by heavier content and, at the same time, you will be emitting more joyful sounds. Your laughter will count, too! You might find Introvert’s Dear ‘s article on this topic quite interesting!

Connect to 5D: as human beings, it’s just too easy to fall into patterns of oppositions. We are separate from others in constant forms of divisiveness, me vs you vs them… In the fifth dimension there are no separations. Only love, connection, instant manifestation exist. If you were to describe yourself in 5D, you’d perceive pure energy. Energy that gets to interact with other beings, just as pure energy. All connected, all the same, all pure Love. I’ll leave it to your imagination to picture it. That’s definitely one divine way to make a difference as a sensitive person.

Love: trait d’union of the 3 magical elements listed so far. It’s all about trying to go down to the our essence, and come back up to surface — our 3D — with a little more understanding, compassion, open mindedness. How to make a difference as a sensitive person? Love, simply.

How to make a difference as a sensitive person and introvert.

Your 3D body needs to know it can be helpful somehow. However, your introversion doesn’t lend herself too well to group activities — the types we associate with big change (like pacific mass protests or movements defending different rights…)

My question has always been: how to make a difference as a sensitive person who is an introvert as well?!

Well, regardless of how well you do in a more crowded context, here are a couple of suggestions. They are quite loose ones, just to give you a starting point. You can explore and research more according to your preferences, location and means. Energy levels included.

Also, it doesn’t mean you have to do anything at all.

I am trying to reassure you. I have long come to terms with the fact that I am not one of those courageous, extroverted individuals who champion a cause by raising money outside of supermarkets or lead crowds along city streets. I used to feel guilty, different. Like I ought to be more like them. Until I stopped.

We can make a difference exactly as we are, which is why I’m writing this post today. Also, some us are believed to be of service on Earth simply through their vibrations. That is, their mere physical presence. Just sayin’… 😉

Anyway, back to your higher level suggestions on how to make a difference as a sensitive person & introvert.

  • Donate money to chosen charities.
  • Volunteer in a charity by physically going and doing the work (but come up with a schedule and modality that work for you, not the other way round).
  • Volunteer online: many associations look for people who will translate, proofread, record audio, or spread awareness on their cause in the virtual sphere.
  • Educate people: share meaningful content on your social media platform and wherever you deem it appropriate, provided you don’t spam your audience… Sometimes our words hold much more power and influence than we imagine or can measure.

Don’t overdo it!

Aka: keep your energy clean and your boundaries in place.

To make a difference as a sensitive person you have got to keep your energy clean.

The cleaner your energy, the less you will be feeding – even though involuntarily – divisiveness, hatred, me vs them narratives.

The moment we sit down and choose to defend an opinion, we risk getting so deep into it that we end up bitter and frustrated. Why don’t they get that this is the way? That things are like this?

Something I’ve noticed over the years is, polarization starts with us individuals, then it spreads to small group conversations until it gets bigger and bigger. These hot conversations can turn into either violent movements or , with energy levels in check, become these incredibly positive revolutions.

This is how you make a difference as a sensitive person: not by fixating on who’s on which side, rather by keeping your energy levels clean. At least, as clean as possible.

quietly empowered introvert

What working with energy isn’t.

I think it’s been made clear that working with energy doesn’t equal detaching from practical matters or burying your head in the sand. It’s quite an active approach to very mundane issues.

Also, simply because you’re working with spirit, it’s not going to be all roses. We do this work because we have Faith in it, and faith keeps us going in spite of the fact that we don’t have instant proof of its success.

While drawing on positive energy we reaffirm what we stand for and hopefully practise what we preach. But, at the end of the day, we have got to draw a line. We hold strong energetic boundaries. If you want to learn how to make a difference as a sensitive person, you have to learn how to set boundaries for your own well being.

Final thoughts.

Our initial doubt was: how to make a difference as a sensitive person who is also an introvert?

In short, you fight your peaceful fight by connecting to healing, positive energy along with practical actions. Fantastic. Then stop and move on with your life. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise you will risk getting sick emotionally and a physically. You know what I’m talking about, fellow sensitive!

Also, if you get so involved and out of balance about a certain issue or opinions around a topic that even your body is affected, then you will be fostering that same low vibration you were contrasting in the first place.

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