Daily Manifestation For Introverted Beginners: 3 Tested Techniques + Bonus Tips.

Daily manifestation techniques allow you to turn your ideas into a reality. So that you create the empowered life that you may be dreaming of as a quietly confident introvert.

Table of contents
What is manifestation?
How to start daily manifestation: 3 tested techniques (+ golden bonus tips).
Manifestation myths debunked.
Being an introvert + creating a quietly empowered life with daily manifestation.
Final thoughts

What is manifestation?

Energy goes where attention flows.

The term ‘manifestation’ refers to the process of turning an idea into a reality by means of belief, feelings, and inspired action.

It is the third step in the F3, the one where you harness the power of grounding through meditation, raising your vibration with gratitude, elevating your life with some conscious co-creation.

Through daily manifestation practices you create the things you desire so that they ‘move’ from the realm of thoughts (or abstraction) to that of physical reality.

It is an incredible way to transform your current conditions and create a quietly empowered life that centers around your being an introvert. As always, the techniques I share can by adopted by anyone although they are specifically intended for the introverted, highly sensitive gal whose urge is to live in alignment with her Soul.

Why is it so incredible?

Well, first of all it lets you create things, quite literally. Secondly, it relies on inner work and your capacity for becoming conscious. Only then will you get in tune with what you truly want vs what you’re conditioned to desire.

For example: a luxury car vs no new car at all, success through a corporate job (that would suck the life out of your introverted soul) vs a perfect job where you can lead as the quiet boss you’ve born to be, etc…

You get to discover more and more about yourself to the point where you end up manifesting things that spark your Soul, ideally in a very aligned, energetically clean way. If you’re beginning your spiritual journey and have barely heard about it, I absolutely recommend incorporating daily manifestation into your practice. You are going to love it!!

In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality. But even this definition of manifestation doesn’t fully get at what manifestation is.

Berkeley Well-Being Institute

It is a balanced combination of believing & acting for sure: an aligned strategy of inner & outer work.

You will have (or learn) to create the conditions to succeed and simultaneously stay open to the signs of the Universe (read, possibilities and opportunities) showing you’re on the right track.

How to start daily manifestation: 3 tested techniques (+ bonus golden tips).

The three tested techniques shared below Remember, in order to obtain anything you have to:

Do some inner work
Define your end goal
Take inspired action

“This process is not just wishful or positive thinking. It does require action. It means you must set clear goals for yourself, know what you want, remain focused on that, and transform beliefs that may be limiting your success.”Stephsocial.com

Before you start

So, before immersing in daily manifestation for a new desire, you had better incorporate a couple of preliminary steps.

Be clear on what you want to manifest.

You may have an inclination, an idea that perhaps is still not quite the exact thing you want. Devote a few minutes to identifying the true object of your manifestation through journaling, meditation, or simply quiet reflection. (Pyschology Today)

Pick something your Soul aspires to.

Ask yourself a couple of insightful questions like:

Do I want this because it lights me up?
Do I want this because I’ve been somehow led to like and want it?

Don’t worry about being brutally honest with yourself. There’s no better time than these introspective sessions to aim for the core of who you are and can possibly become.

I’ve been there myself: I manifested an incredible job opportunity only to realise it made me extremely uncomfortable. I was following somebody else’s dream, not mine. And let me tell you, it would have been a nightmare for me as an introvert. My intuition knew better and led me elsewhere.

So, yeah, “Quietly confident” starts right here, this is the bottom line.

My Fantastic 3 steps for an empowered Life

1) Journaling

It is a tremendous way to practice daily manifestation, just like gratitude.

If you have the freedom, be wildly detailed about your wish. If, on the contrary, you cannot be completely honest in the written pages, consider moving to an app in your phone.

Something as simple as a writing app offers the option to password protect either the app itself or the file. Even if you don’t, you probably have better control over your phone folders anyway. As you write, remember to be an active participant in the process by feeling the emotions stirred by this vision.

Like every new habit or technique, consistency is a key factor. However, I don’t want you to get so fixated on daily manifestation that you end up doing it reluctantly.

It needs your heart, your emotions, your powerful energy. Just settle for a frequency that you’ll find manageable. You will soon feel empowered, in charge, optimistic about your future.

2) Visualization

It has got to be my most effective, favorite technique.

It works like this: you visualize your manifestation and feel positive emotions as if you were experiencing it right here, right now.

According to Psychology Today:

Visualizing what you desire can help you feel positive emotions related to it more strongly. And those emotions can help you believe in yourself more. Just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine a scene from your future life as you desire it.

The trick is to not get caught in Ego traps. Let me explain.

You should stay in your visualization only as long as it feels natural and comfortable. Don’t push and overdo it, or your Ego will creep in. It will instill doubt, complicate your scene, jolt you out of the visualization bliss.

About this danger, I suggest referring back to the Fantastic 3. They go: meditation first, gratitude second, manifestation third. If you want to skip one, then pass on gratitude but keep meditation.

I’ve said it time and time again. You need to be in the right headspace for such powerful work as manifestation – or gratitude, for that matter!

3) Vision board

People create vision boards to have a powerful, magnetic visual reminder of what they want to manifest.

Two popular options are:
– a physical vision board: old-school, paper cutouts, very effective and fun!
– digital version: desktop picture on your computer, wallpaper photo on your smartphone

Either way, your vision board will become the place where you gather images of the things you desire. You can keep it within eyesight or use it out for standalone manifestation sessions. As the team at Chopra puts it:

When you continue to give your attention to the things you want and you have a visualization of them, you attract those things into your life, and what once seemed like an “ideal life” can become your reality… The more you surround yourself and your mind with the things you want to experience, the more you’ll actually get to experience those things in your life


As long as you’re focusing on the positive, intense emotions evoked by the pictures on the vision board, you’re on the right track.

keep a note pad close by to monitor your journey

Super bonus tips for ‘correct’ daily manifestation

1 When journaling about your desire, make sure you’re writing in present or past tense.

Never in conditional or future.

You want to connect to that magical space where every scenario is already playing out.
You want to imagine what it’d feel like if you were talking about having already experienced your manifestation.

How do you describe the experience of living your dream come true?
What emotions “did you feel” upon seeing your dream come true?

2 Use positive language, aka: focus on what you want. Not what you want less of.

I have toned legs vs I don’t want cellulite on my legs
We have a fantastic trip to Iceland vs I don’t want to go to the same spot again.
I am a successful singer vs I don’t work in that claustrophobic office anymore

See what’s happening there? Remember: Energy goes where attention flows.

3 Manifest only for your highest good and that of other people involved.

In other words, don’t work towards harming others. That’s a big no-no… You know what they say: careful what you wish for!

A good way to close your manifestation sessions would be to repeat (mentally, verbally) or write down the following affirmation:

“This or something better is now manifesting for me for the highest good of all concerned.”

We are here to create great things and elevate the collective consciousness. Plus, karma is a bitch so…

One last thing…

Manifestion – or co-creation – became wildly popular thanks to the movie The Secret and the concept of Law of Attraction. I’m sure you’ve heard about it somewhere. If you haven’t, check out the Law of Attraction for beginners.

Manifestation myths debunked.

Myth no1: believe in yourself and you’ll manifest anything you want.

Many articles link manifestation – and its successful results – to believing in oneself first and creating the right conditions to achieve a goal, next. Even though they make a valid point, I know for a fact that the phrase ‘believing in yourself’ sounds much easier said than done.

Check out these scientific numbers provided by Mindful.org

It’s estimated that 95% of our behavior runs on autopilot. That’s because neural networks underlie all of our habits, […] These default brain signals are so efficient that they often cause us to relapse into old behaviors before we remember what we meant to do instead.
Mindfulness is the exact opposite of these default processes. The more we activate the intentional brain, the stronger it gets.

It’s no surprise that waiting patiently, for a sign or a tangible result, is the hardest part of manifestation. While we’re able to create ‘internally’ and well versed in the art of doing physical things, we are less used to surrendering. Which, ahem, happens to be an essential ring in this chain. One must surrender to the Universe, have faith.

This is one of the gazillion reasons why I preach about the critical role of Intuition and cultivating a strong bond with it. Therein lie the answers you need to train your ‘surrender slash divine trust muscle.’

You may start to understand that self-belief and self-assuredness stem from so much more than saying ‘I believe in myself’. They are the result of deep self-knowledge and the active choice of being conscious as often as possible. No wonder daily manifestation comes in third and last within the Fantastic 3. It needs proper preparation indeed.

By the way, when surrendering to a force outside of you, you’re basically trusting the force inside of you.

manifestation energy

Myth no 2: anything you visualize hard enough, you will get.

You hear ‘manifestation’ and instantly think of ‘winning the lottery, a yacht, a mansion, forever on vacation’. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with desiring any of the above, of course.

Let’s set the record straight, though: you don’t manifest what you really want, nor what you visualize. Not even what you ‘practise’ through the techniques we’ve outlined here.

At least not by only doing a practical thing.

You can’t desire a new job and be scared of new opportunities, talk shit about your current job, not go and look for a new one, have no idea what you’d like to do in another work situation. Plenty of mixed signals and confused ideas right here, can you see?

You manifest what you vibrate energetically with.

Manifestation demands you pinpoint any limiting subconscious beliefs and build new ones to create a fertile mindset. It involves diving deep within, so that you gain full-ish awareness of that which you actually, truly, authentically desire.

It is only then that you act upon your desire. Like we said above, ‘external work’ is mandatory. It takes the form of mindful actions, courage to seize opportunities, commitment over the long run – although I hope your desire doesn’t take too long to come to you!

Your energy + vibration matter. In fact, if you are doubtful about a goal you wish to manifest, or become anxious while practicing daily manifestation, I urge you to:

  • Explore where the doubt is coming from
  • Set smaller, realistic sub-goals that you feel comfortable about
  • Be brutally honest and ask yourself if this is what you actually desire and would make you happy

Being an introvert + creating a quietly empowered life with daily manifestation.

Up to this article, we have answered questions regarding meditation and gratitude (the first two steps of the Fantastic 3), specifically: “How often should I meditate (amongst others)?” and “How can I develop and have an attitude of gratitude?”.

Now you can incorporate daily manifestation into your holistic health and healing journey through the Fantastic 3. They will support the creation of an empowered life that centers around your being an introvert.

If you’re addressing holistic health and healing for the first time, you are probably beginning your spiritual journey. Learning about manifestation will be an exciting moment: a lighter, more fun and exciting one, I’m sure!

Not to mention it’ll grant a (rare?) chance to be in total control. You can design a quietly empowered life that serves your core values, beliefs, and – most importantly – your Soul’s aspirations.

This is what I’ve been doing it myself for many years now (being an introvert and highly sensitive person myself): interweaving inner work, grounding, and daily manifestation (perhaps not so daily but… I do my best!) to honor the most authentic version of me.

manifestation travel

Final thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I find manifestation mysterious, fascinating and powerful all at the same time.

It holds so much power that it reflects it back at us. We realize we are capable of so much, and yet we’re barely aware of our potential.

Practice daily manifestation – together with the Fantastic 3, ideally — and you’ll witness yourself live a quietly empowered life filled with all the emotions, things, and events your introverted heart desires.

Let’s keep the conversation going: comment with your thoughts below or subscribe to our weekly Quiet Letters.

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